Cabernet Franc

A luscious dry red aged for 28 months in French Oak barrels. This red has an expressive, fruity flavor that goes well with pasta dishes.


White Duck

Our newest white, named after our beloved duck Judith. Made from Cayuga, this wine showcases a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. Finishes light and crisp.



Intensely colored, rich and velvety. Aged in ultra fine grain American Oak barrels for 24 months.

The result? The perfect wine for a steak dinner.



Calyssa's Blush

Bursting with fruit, this medium sweet wine is always a popular choice to serve guests, especially during the holidays.



Fermented in 100% American fine grain oak barrels for 18 months for an exquisite blend of vanilla, butterscotch, and tropical fruit aromas. Perfect with pork or salmon dishes.


Tam's Red

This is our most requested wine. Deep, rich color is just the beginning. The cherry notes in this wine make it the perfect companion with rich chocolate. It's like eating a chocolate covered cherry - YES!


Pinot Gris

A delicate white wine showing ripe flavors of figs and citrus fruits. Its luscious and smooth body will finish both clean and crisp. It marries well with seafood.


Spy Cat

A smooth blend of Catawba and Chambourcin. As our newest addition, Spycat has become and instant hit!


Chard Le Nue

Ooh..la la! This wine is entirely fermented in stainless steel without the traditional use of oak barrels. It showcases pure chardonnay fruit at its finest.


Steuben Blush

This semi-sweet wine is perfect for sipping on a cool summer night or by the fire during the winter months. It carries a hint of spiciness.


Seyval Blanc

Our bone-dry white is an offspring of the famous Pinot Gris. Fermented in stainless steel. It is crisp with light citrus notes and pairs well with a wide range of foods.



Red grape juice never tasted sooo... good! Not to be outdone by its white grape cousin (Niagara), our sweet Concord will bring a smile to your face. (7% RS)


Seyval Blanc Reserve

Aged for 8 months in French oak barrels, this dry white showcases a delicate blend of flavors including vanilla, mango and pear.



True grape aromas & plenty of sweetness will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. (8% RS)



Wow! This is a perfect blend of two old world grapes. The classic Riesling and Gewurztaminer. Serve with spicy foods such as Thai or Indian.


Sour Cherry

This semi-sweet wine is made with the fruit from Dries Orchards in Sunbury, PA. Whole berry fermentation gives this wine a complex and intense cherry flavor.



Crisp fruit notes on both the nose and palate give this wine it signature appeal. Perfect with chicken or pork dishes.



The smell and taste is pure strawberry. It finishes slightly tart like a fresh berry.


Riesling Reserve

A dry Riesling, delicate and light, with hints of fresh green apple on the nose and palate.


Kiwi Ice

A unique and delicious dessert wine made from "first frost" Kiwi berries locally grown at Kiwi Korners in Snydertown. Intense kiwi with hints of citrus, strawberry and mint. *Limited availability.



This off-dry wine is characterized by citrus flavors and finishes very crisp and clean. Serve it with baby swiss, brie, pizza, or spicy foods.


Cassie's Blush

A dry blush bursting with red berry fruit and a crisp finish. This savory wine is made in the italian Rose style. Perfect with salmon.



Tommy Appleseed

More is definitely better. This wine is made from five kinds of apples, fresh from Dries Orchards. It is characterized by a tart crispness and tastes like you are biting into a fresh apple. Add some mulling spices and heat it up for a special treat on cool autumn days.



Tim's Blueberry

This blueberry wine is unique for its subtle aroma and big round blueberry finish. Tim wouldn't have had it any other way.

Sweet GG's Peach

The perfecet peachy punch for summer days - or any day really! A balanced wine with a superb peach finish.




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